the breakfast club: 2/11/2015

ENVY: Welcome back, you're listening to The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God, and if you're just now tuning in we're sat down with one of the biggest stars in music right now, give it up one time for Miss Moni Wright, Mo how you doing this morning?

I'm good, I'm good. Tired though, y'all got me up early I usually get real grumpy when I have to be up before 11am. I'm nocturnal, like a bat.

CHARLAMAGNE: Like a vampire. You a vicious bloodsucking creature out here -- that's what The Don say.

Does he say that? I dunno when we together his mouth is usually otherwise occupied so he don't get a lot of talking done, you feel me?

ENVY: Ohhh Alright alright before y'all two turn this into an after dark program, you mentioned you're a nocturnal person, what other habits do you have that you feel like other people don't get to see? Let's get to know the real Moni.

I like keeping those little things private to myself because I feel like when you're in the public eye so much you got to have a couple things that you don't give up and just keep for yourself and the people that mean something to you, otherwise the meaning of intimacy just end up getting so like...diluted. I'll play along with you though, I fall asleep really weird, with my knees up in the air and the feet flat on the bed. I also get hiccups at least once a day, I think cause I hold my breath when I'm anxious.

CHARLAMAGNE: What the hell you got to feel anxious about? If I was you I'd walk around like can't nobody tell me nothing I did a song with Paul McCartney.

ENVY: Speaking of Paul McCartney and the Grammys, what was that like working with him? Have you always been a fan of The Beatles? Or what would you consider like a dream collaboration?

It was a crazy surreal thing. The song was originally just supposed to be on Ye's album and I was going to sing on it but once it wrapped I loved it so much I had to have it, so now it's going to be on both mine and Ye's next project. I think he a little mad about that but you know I don't stop fighting. I remember first hearing The Beatles from my my mom's ex when I was a kid. I wouldn't say I grew up with it but when you're in the industry and you're trying to find inspiration you usually end up listening to all the classics. Personally though I kinda like his stuff with Wings more? I don't know, it's just something about those melodies. Dream collab would be a track with Bey probably. I've been lucky enough to work with almost everyone I admire in my genre and before we done I just feel like she and I got to do something.

ANGELA YEE: Well you know we can't let you talk about The Grammys and not mention all the rumored drama that went down. Starting off with that interview The Don did out in LA last week before the show and then the stuff that supposedly went down afterward.

Okay, go 'head.

ANGELA YEE: I mean do you have anything you want to say about that? You were accused of having a drug problem and according to a report caused over $1,000 worth of property damage to a club.

See that's the thing though, according to which report? That's not a police report, there was no police report filed. That's just somebody claiming they saw something they didn't see because they want to capitalize on it in some way.

ANGELA YEE: So you and Don didn't get in a fight over his ex at the party?

No. Why would we do that? She's like...she doesn't even show up on my radar, you know what I'm saying? He does what he wants to do, he's a grown man.

CHARLAMAGNE: Man forget all that, we wanna know about the drugs. What's up with that Mo, you been puffing on more than that magic dragon?

Nah man I'm straight. You know how radio people are, y'all always just trying to get a rise out of whoever.

ENVY: Is there anything that Moni Wright would like to change about herself right now or you good?

Ha, I feel like that's a loaded question for me. I wish I had slightly more chill maybe? I go from 0 to 100 and don't slow down til I hit a wall. I get that way about everything, when it comes to work, love, everything; I always go extremely hard and a lot of times it'll wear me out or just get me doing sh--stuff without thinking. See?

ANGELA YEE: Speaking of loving hard what's like the one unusual thing you find attractive in a guy? Do you have a type?

That's hard for me to say, I ain't dated a lot. I was always attracted to dudes with a chip on their shoulder when I was younger and I still like that a little, I want some attitude, not somebody who just gonna do whatever I say. Is that unusual? I guess most people don't like arguing but that's almost foreplay to me, ha. As far as type goes he gotta be smart in some way and he got to dress well, that's all I ask. Oh, and don't be boring.

ENVY: Do you have a celebrity or even like a fictional character you're like yo, if this person were real I'd have a house full of his babies by now?

A house full of babies? Maybe if my childhood crush on Jazzy Jeff would've happened you'd see me with a set of twins in some round ass sunglases otherwise nah. I don't get crushes on people cause I'm just a real picky and fickle person. I think I like a dude and then he shows up to the date in a pair of Pumas and got to be cut off. Plus I don't get a crush til I know somebody, so there's lots of fine celebrities out there but none I'd call a crush.

ENVY: On that note we got to take a break but coming up we got more with Moni Wright and the Donkey of the Day. It's The Breakfast Club, keep it locked.